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Removals Training Manual on Amazon UPDATE

Because of the BREXIT Fiasco and about 1/3 of the manual is about European removals… I am reducing the cost of both the Kindle and Printed versions

The Printed on Demand version was £60… Now £19.99

The Kindle version was  £50… NOW £9.99

You may be wondering why the printed manual is / was £60

Well let me explain…

It was previously only available to course attendees at £995

Then I retired and re edited all the information and uploaded it to Amazon.
ALL the information covered on the live course is in the manual.  I still do online training’s and have done a few over the last month but am considering putting the price back up to £995.. (Currently it is still £495)

Reason being … It is too time consuming and takes a good 4 hours online and is much harder to do online than in a live classroom setting.. There is so much information to cover and volume and costing examples are easier in a LIVE setting than on the phone. It seems to take longer online as lots of questions come up and we get side tracked more easily.

Information is power and during my lifetime I have been on many life changing training seminars and sometimes  paid over  £ 2000 and that’s not even including the flights to get to the USA or wherever the seminar was held… never mind £495


14 Years ago I personally paid £500 Pounds for only a small portion of the information in this manual and training course… And ALL of my successful trainees still tell me to this day the training course should be several thousand pounds not £950…. (currently £495)

So if you cannot see the value in £50

Now… only £9.99 for the manual

Your’re on your own and I wish you the best of luck … because you are seriously going to need it.

Below is a recording that I was exposed to many years ago…

Maybe it will help you understand or get into the correct mindset you need to become successful in anything.

Congratulations to Baqir Khan

Removals Training

Baqir from Slough has just completed the online training.
We were online for nearly 5 hours yesterday as he had all the right questions and was a great student and most importantly very keen to learn…

He’s already up and running with his end of tenancy cleaning company and now trained up and ready to start doing Home and office  removals.

Training is now via  Skype or WhatsApp and may even try out Google hangouts… This method of live training eliminates the need for students to travel and waste many hours of driving… trains or airplanes.

The manual has been updated for 2019 and is available to anyone via Amazon here  in Paperback or a Kindle edition is also available.

Live training has now been reduced from £995 to £495 and includes 1 years email and phone support. If you have not purchased a copy of the manual prior to training, a free PDF copy can be provided once you book a live training session.

Training Options and Contact

Retire early – Having a plan

Retire early

Retire early – Having a plan… That’s what I did and many more people are understanding the trap of living in the UK. A house is ridiculously un-affordable now and even if you do manage to get on the property ladder. You will be in debt for the next 20 – 30 years. Then there is all the taxes and monthly expenses, lets not go there…

The video below is about a guy who was able to Retire early at 36, His dream was to live on his own boat.

Watch the video

And see if you can get inspired to create your own plan to Retire early.

Removals can do it no problem but you must learn and understand how to earn more than you spend.  Learn how to PAY YOURSELF 20% of ALL the money you make…

All you do is skim 20% off all the money you earn and put away in a box or separate bank account… You never ever touch this money… This is your Retirement fund and after 1 year you will be amazed at how much you have accumulated..

After 5 years you will be looking back and be well on your way to living the dream…  The only thing to remember is…. You never touch or spend this 20%… Not to pay debts, buy cars, holidays…. NO… It must never ever be used for any of those things…

The 80% is what you use for everyday general living


Removals Training