Purchasing a van

Luton box van for removals

Purchasing a van

 You will also need to purchase a van (£2000 – £10,000 depending on your budget). Do not rush out and buy a van until you have at least spoken to us on the phone or read the training manual… it could cost you a fortune in lost business.

The best type of van and everything else you need to know is in our Removals Manual and also covered in detail on the live training.

We have seen so many people try to start up in the removals game only to see them give up after a few short months….

WHY? because they don’t know how get the leads or how to quote for a full house removal, then they very soon start looking for a new job or business!

The success of our business is How we get all the leads and how we beat the competition because of our very low overheads. We don’t need expensive warehouses / offices. We don’t use heavy goods vehicles that need an LGV or Operators Licence to run.

What we will set you up with is our same system that will bring you approx 10 – 50+  New removal leads a week…. You can choose how many you need and you only need to do about 3 jobs per week to be earning £900+  this is a very profitable business….

You must also understand that the removal game is hard work and you need to be physically fit and have someone strong and reliable to work with.



Alternatively, you could still run the business without physically doing the removal jobs yourself by employing drivers (drivers mates) or using reliable local removal operators. You can set up the jobs and make between £50 – £100 for each job you sub contract out. Another past trainee uses a couple of fit young guys to do all the lifting and he simply drives and packs the van…

Secrets of getting started in the removal business

Removals training academy1

Secrets of getting started in the removal business

What you are looking at here is a VERY REAL hands on business that can generate well over £1000 per week. You could make money driving with a Courier business or starting a haulage business but nothing comes close to starting a removals business in the UK.

All you need is the right van, be physically fit and have a partner to work with or you can employ part time – local porters (helpers) – we show you how.

As I was in the middle of writing this.. the phone rang again…

I have just  booked another removal for next week…. Hertford to Truro £895

The profit will be over £600 and although a long day, I am sure you will agree…………….

Most people don’t earn that in an average week….

Last week, one of my trainee associates did two jobs in a day and made over £1200 (about £750 clear profit). He did a removal to London and made £400 and then in the afternoon did another very light job to Liverpool (£800)

Last week he worked 3 days & made £2100.

Before you run out and buy a van……

Let me explain… there is an easy way and a very difficult way to succeed in this game.

The difficult way is to think you can easily get proper removal leads (not man and van jobs) by running a few ads in your local newspapers or magazines or using Google ad-words!

They simply …do not work any more. 

Especially “Google Ad-words Pay per Click” – Clicks will cost you £4 – £10 per click… But I can assure you, a random click to your website will not get you any business.

Ad-words will cost you £50++ per day! You will be out of business in your first month.

This and many other lead generation methods will be covered in detail on the training day.

Most of them do not work, we will show you what does work.

Go ahead and try it ……. You will be wasting your time and money

Our training will show you how to follow our simple business plan and have a constant flow of qualified removal leads


Removal Business Set up cost

Training 4

Compare starting your own Removal Business

Set up cost from £5000 – £10,000 +

To ANY Conventional business which will cost you  £30,000 – £100,000 to set up.

With removals you can make £1000 + per week and cover your training investment in your 1st week and your van investment in a few months.

In most other businesses it takes 1 or 2 years to start making a profit !

Starting a business

Starting a business is not easy, but if you follow a business plan like this with the phone support and backup just like a franchise but without franchise fees and restrictions. House or Office removals can be operated all over the UK and or Internationally if you choose.

All you need is a van and our help for success. Almost all of our business is generated via the internet and about  2 – 5% from the local newspapers. You could have access to  55 to 80+ new leads per month.  IN YOUR OWN CITY with the various lead generation methods that we use.

With one van you can expect a very good return.

However, the more vans you operate, the more you could potentially earn. But we will show you how to get established with one van. And then, if you want to expand you can do so whenever you are ready.

No HGV or special driving licences are required as 3.5 tonne vans can still be driven on an ordinary driving licence. You can become the driver and business owner yourself. Or run the office and sub contract the work to other self employed owner drivers in your own area.


Learn about the Removals business

Removals training brochure

Learn about the Removals business by attending a one day training.

All our students come from different backgrounds so we personalize the training to suit you and your previous experience. Some people already have some trucking, courier, general haulage or even physical removals experience but… have no idea how to work out a removal quote or calculate the volume in cubic feet and quote accordingly for the job….

You will get training and information on How to Quote, Websites, Lead  Generation and much more… (Training’s are one on one or small groups up to 3 people).

You can be up and running within a couple of weeks with our ongoing telephone & email support as you start your new business. There will be many times when you feel you need to ask questions and we will be at the end of the phone ready and willing to advise and help.

You will obviously also need the right van, so please DO NOT just rush out and buy a van until you have been on the course or at least spoken to us on the phone. The wrong van can seriously affect the type of jobs you can take on and your income.

 Due to early retirement and now living abroad in the sun, we do not hold live training’s anymore.  The manual has been updated for 2019 and can be ordered here