Secrets of getting started in the removal business

Secrets of getting started in the removal business

What you are looking at here is a VERY REAL hands on business that can generate well over £1000 per week. You could make money driving with a Courier business or starting a haulage business but nothing comes close to starting a removals business in the UK.

All you need is the right van, be physically fit and have a partner to work with or you can employ part time – local porters (helpers) – we show you how.

As I was in the middle of writing this.. the phone rang again…

I have just  booked another removal for next week…. Hertford to Truro £895

The profit will be over £600 and although a long day, I am sure you will agree…………….

Most people don’t earn that in an average week….

Last week, one of my trainee associates did two jobs in a day and made over £1200 (about £750 clear profit). He did a removal to London and made £400 and then in the afternoon did another very light job to Liverpool (£800)

Last week he worked 3 days & made £2100.

Before you run out and buy a van……

Let me explain… there is an easy way and a very difficult way to succeed in this game.

The difficult way is to think you can easily get proper removal leads (not man and van jobs) by running a few ads in your local newspapers or magazines or using Google ad-words!

They simply …do not work any more. 

Especially “Google Ad-words Pay per Click” – Clicks will cost you £4 – £10 per click… But I can assure you, a random click to your website will not get you any business.

Ad-words will cost you £50++ per day! You will be out of business in your first month.

This and many other lead generation methods will be covered in detail on the training day.

Most of them do not work, we will show you what does work.

Go ahead and try it ……. You will be wasting your time and money

Our training will show you how to follow our simple business plan and have a constant flow of qualified removal leads


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