Removals Training Manual on Amazon

Removals Training Manual on Amazon

Just a quick update on the manual. Amazon have listed the manual at various outside sources at GBP £49.00 This is an error on their part as the book is Printed on Demand by Amazon and costs £169.95 or the Kindle version is  £150.

You may be wondering why the printed manual is £169.95…..

Well let me explain…

It was previously only available to course attendees at £995

Then I retired and re edited all the information and uploaded it to Amazon.
ALL the information covered on the live course is in the manual.  I still do online training’s and have done a few over the last month but am considering putting the price back up to £ 995..

Reason being … It is too time consuming and takes a good 4 hours online and is much harder than in a live classroom setting.. There is so much information to cover and volume and costing examples are easier in a LIVE setting than on the phone. It seems to take longer online as lots of questions come up and we get side tracked more easily.


If you feel that GBP £150 or GBP £169.95 is too expensive…

There is really not much I or anyone else can do for you..

Information is power and during my lifetime I have been on many life changing training seminars and sometimes  paid over  £ 2000 and that’s not even including the flights to get to the USA or wherever the seminar was held… never mind £150…


14 Years ago I personally paid £500 Pounds for only a small portion of the information in this manual and training course… And ALL of my successful trainees still tell me to this day the training course should be several thousand pounds not £950…. (currently £495)

So if you cannot see the value in £150 for the manual or £495 for a live training..

Your’re on your own and I wish you the best of luck … because you are seriously going to need it.

Below is a recording that I was exposed to many years ago…

Maybe it will help you understand or get into the correct mindset you need to become successful in anything.

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