Removal Business Set up cost

Compare starting your own Removal Business

Set up cost from £5000 – £10,000 +

To ANY Conventional business which will cost you  £30,000 – £100,000 to set up.

With removals you can make £1000 + per week and cover your training investment in your 1st week and your van investment in a few months.

In most other businesses it takes 1 or 2 years to start making a profit !

Starting a business

Starting a business is not easy, but if you follow a business plan like this with the phone support and backup just like a franchise but without franchise fees and restrictions. House or Office removals can be operated all over the UK and or Internationally if you choose.

All you need is a van and our help for success. Almost all of our business is generated via the internet and about  2 – 5% from the local newspapers. You could have access to  55 to 80+ new leads per month.  IN YOUR OWN CITY with the various lead generation methods that we use.

With one van you can expect a very good return.

However, the more vans you operate, the more you could potentially earn. But we will show you how to get established with one van. And then, if you want to expand you can do so whenever you are ready.

No HGV or special driving licences are required as 3.5 tonne vans can still be driven on an ordinary driving licence. You can become the driver and business owner yourself. Or run the office and sub contract the work to other self employed owner drivers in your own area.


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