Removals Training Academy – UK

Learn how to start your own Home or Office
Local, National or European removals business. 

No experience necessary but you must have a
good telephone manor, are teachable, fit & strong. 

Full training via a LIVE ONE ON ONE WEBINAR
or you can just order the training manual online.

Previously the manual was only available to people
who attended the live training.

Full training and support options here

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Removals Training

Removals Training Online – There is absolutely NOWHERE, you can go to get ALL this information. Even if you “get a job” working for a removal company, they will only train you to do one aspect of the business, like Portering, Packing or Estimating etc.

We have had several removal company employees come for training.

What about marketing, generating the proper home or office removal leads, working out the volume in cubic meters, long distance quoting, working out a full packing quote, what size vans, how many men required and so much more?

Why we NEVER use GOGGLE Adwords pay per click…..

This one tip alone will save you hundreds of pounds per month…


Removals Training Academy

Live Training can also be conducted via Google Hangout, Skype or WhatsApp and the presentation takes approx 4 hours.
includes 1 year of ongoing email and telephone support.

Live online training and support options

New 2019 updated Operations Manual (Kindle edition)

Printed Paperback version is here

The manual is now available on AMAZON and includes all the information and forms we use for working out the home survey volume, quoting for local and long distance jobs etc. 

What is not included is obviously  live examples of working out the (volume) in cubic feet or meters, using the “Home survey form” for adding up the volume for a standard removal and / or a packing quote, discussions on how to pack the van properly and protect the furniture, best ways to find helpers (porters), how much to pay them, part or full time…….

On a live training, you get to interact in the training with all your questions and are given one on one instruction on how to work out the volume, the quote, customer relations (how to get the customer to like you & choose your company), discuss the pricing up of long distance jobs and so much more…

The live training is now done via computer to computer and we go through a Powerpoint Presentation with  100 slides…. Make sure you have a notebook handy.   Some training’s can be done in 3 hours and some take up to 5 hours…  It all depends on you and your questions as there is a lot of information to cover. 

Previously the live training was £995 because we had to set aside a complete day in our diary and each additional person attending was an extra £200. You would also have to take a day out of your life and either drive, take the train or fly in to attend the training…  (We have had several people fly in from Europe, and Scotland).

Now we can do it for only £495  via Google Hangout, WhatsApp or Skype… Takes less time and no traveling involved.

After the training, you will be fully confident on exactly how to proceed and get your new business off to a FAST START.

Not sure if you need a live training… Then just order the manual.

Consultations, telephone and email support



Contact – Removals Training Academy 

Two Options

Read the manual or do the Full Trainingstart a removals business

The Start a Removals Business Manual covers Local and National Removals in the UK and also includes European Removals. If you then feel you need more help, support and advice, you may choose one of the extra options below.

Printed Paperback Version click here

For the Kindle Version click here

Training and Support Options :

Full Training Online  – £495.00
Includes 1 year of unlimited email and phone support.
It takes on average 4 hours via your computer and phone.
The training webinar is live and one on one.

A free downloadable PDF version of the Manual is also
available if you choose the Full Training Option.

See this blog post for full details


The following are extra options
if you only want to purchase the manual

1 year of unlimited email and phone support – £250

1 year of  unlimited email support – £100

One hour Telephone consultation – £50

Email me here with your preferred option –
I will email you an online invoice



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